Working side-by-side for your farm’s success

You can count on the experts at CHS Hedging, Inc., for
trusted market intelligence and insight to help you grow. 
A subsidiary of CHS Inc., CHS Hedging is focused on
helping you make the right decisions for the right reasons.

Are you looking for responsive service?
Easy-to-use online access?
Advice from a broker that truly understands your operation?

Working one-on-one with you, CHS Hedging provides
unique solutions incorporating commodity price risk
management expertise and superior execution to help
you succeed. As your personal consultants for sound
decision-making, we offer:

  • Global insights and markets expertise
  • Executive counsel and customized marketing strategies for commodities
  • Timely alerts and action recommendations
  • Leading-edge technology and trading tools
  • Daily and weekly market commentaries on grains, livestock, dairy and financials
  • Prompt execution of trades by seasoned brokers

CHS Hedging has provided risk management services in the agriculture and energy sectors for more than 25 years. You can learn more about the services, including financial and market planning through Russell Consulting Group, at

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